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Lawn Care Services

Taking care of your lawn properly will save you time and money in the future. We understand how much of a hassle lawn maintenance can be. That’s why we offer an array of high quality services for your convenience.

Benefits of Proper Lawn Care
  • Improve curb appeal and increase value of your home

  • Reduce weed growth

  • Keep insects at bay

  • Renourish your lawn soil for better growth

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We understand frequent mowing can be a pain, particularly during peak grass growing seasons. Let our team of experts help. Each of our mowing sessions includes a cut, trim and cleanup.


Our Process


We mow your grass to a manageable length and create clean lines for a professional look.


Using a weed wacker, we level out any areas that can't be cut down using the mower.


We use a leaf blower to remove grass clippings from your driveway.

Add- On Services

Our services are customizable to your lawn's needs


We use a special cutting tool to remove any areas of overgrowth on driveways or sidewalks.

Pet Waste Pickup

Pet waste kills your grass and has a nasty odor. We take care of your pet's waste by removing and disposing of it in an eco-friendly way.

Specialty Lawn Services

Yard Cleanup

Part of having a well groomed lawn is checking up on the condition of your grass. It’s healthy to remove old debris and leaf buildup from your yard. This prevents things such as fungal growth and mold infestation. Plus a cleanup enhances your curb appeal.


This simple process provides much needed nutrients to your lawn, We do this by planting grass seed directly into your existing turf. It’s helpful for areas where your grass may be balding or experiencing uneven growth. This is a great solution for tired looking lawns needing nourishment.


Due to heavy foot traffic and lawn mowers, your lawn grass can become compacted, which makes it harder for water and other nutrients to reach the soil. Aeration solves this problem by opening up the soil, which allows nutrients and oxygen to penetrate the roots. Making a favorable environment for growth.

The best time to aerate in the Midwest is during the early spring or early fall months.


Thatch is another name for dead grass. What de-thatching does is power rake dead grass from your yard. This is important, because thatch sits between your healthy grass and soil. This creates a barrier, blocking rain water and fertilizer from reaching the roots. It becomes a problem during the summer months when your grass can’t get the nutrients that it needs. Having your lawn de-thatched prevents this. Our team of experts can provide this service for you.

The best time to de-thatch in the Midwest, is during the early spring or early fall.


Having your lawn fertilized is an easy way to improve the quality of your soil. Not only does it allow for needed nutrients, but it also improves the air flow. Which allows your grass to grow faster and fuller, making it an ideal growing environment.


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